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  • Glenn Holmes

Video: Glenn Holmes Boxing Mittwork: Box 'N Burn Academy

1st time in an Octagon!

Glenn Holmes & Kevan Watson boxing mittwork demonstration at the Box 'N Burn Academy Level 1 certification course Las Vegas at Xtreme Couture MMA gym.

1st time we have done an Academy course in Las Vegas and we left amazed by the response, thank you to everyone who took part. Great to meet and work with 22 passionate fitness enthusiasts and coach them on how to teach the fundamentals of boxing for fitness.

This is a clip some of the mittwork showcase w/ Kevan Watson right before the assessment portion of the certification course. It's 1 round of high intensity, fast paced, complex mittwork that pushes my fitness, boxing skill, power output, agility & boxing footwork, endurance & concentration levels all in a short space of time.

For full list of upcoming Level 1 & Level 2 courses:


Box N Burn Academy is a Boxing Fitness Certification Course designed to educate fitness professionals, boxing coaches, and boxing & fitness enthusiasts in the field of boxing for fitness, and to help them understand and acquire the knowledge behind boxing as functional fitness training.Taught by Box 'N Burn Head Trainer Glenn Holmes, Olympian Tony Jeffries & Box 'N Burn co-owner Kevan Watson, we combine the principles of professional boxing training and functional fitness training to form a unique training regime.The course will provide the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills, and hands-on training to structure safe and effective Box N Burn boxing for fitness training classes and sessions with your own clients in a private or group settings.The Box ‘N Burn Academy is a full day training program, courses are held in Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Austin, Denver, or by arrangement at your facility.


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