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  • Glenn Holmes

2017 My Year in Review

THANK YOU everyone who has trained, worked with / alongside me, been here in Box 'N Burn or just showed a face at the gym this year. It's been another exciting 12 months that has blown my expectations with some of the things that have happened… traveling across the US with my BNB brothers to teach Academy courses, launching an online business (, meeting so many great new people & becoming close friends with some amazing people along the way this year. Meeting and working with boxing legends & world champions, podcasting, traveling, learning, and even singing in front of a couple thousand people, thank you John Feldmann!! I feel so privileged.

Every year I try my best to improve, learn, progress & grow to deliver as much value as I can, and this gym & line of work just seems to get better & better.

Training: I’m so proud of all the progress everyone has made with their training this year, it's an honor for me to be a part of all your journeys, seeing your skills, strength, speed, confidence, aesthetics, etc. all develop while having a great time doing it, amazing. Thank you for your continued loyalty and passion to invest time and show up consistently to better yourselves and for trusting in me & the rest of the crew @boxnburn.

2018: I can't wait to get right back to it, continue to learn and grow, work hard, give 100% every day, make the most of it and enjoy it all again with everyone. Excited to see new faces, meet new people and see even more of the world. I'm amazed at how privileged I am to do this for a living, I love it, so thank you all again for making it possible for me to work hard doing what I love.

RIP Grandad, I miss you & love you, thank you for everything you gave me, hope you’re proud!

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 was unbelievable. Here’s a few of my highlights…

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