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The Benefits of Boxing Fitness Education Through The Box ‘N Burn Academy

The Box ‘N Burn Academy started as an idea to help personal trainers, fitness professionals, gym owners, etc. learn, develop & improve skills in the niche of boxing fitness. With boxing now being in the mainstream as a leading fitness trend, naturally this lends itself to more and more personal trainers wanting to add it to their toolbox for their clients. With more and more trainers offering boxing for fitness, which is great, however there are naturally going to be plenty of poorly executed boxing fitness training sessions providing minimal benefit as fitness enthusiasts rely on personal trainers who simply do not have the knowledge or skill set to execute effective boxing fitness training.

Our boxing fitness certification prioritizes the skill of mittwork & coaching boxing fundamentals correctly through our hands-on and online education courses, however my goal with this article is draw attention to all the other areas of our business that are aimed at adding value to not only those of you who take part in the certification, but to those who are fitness business owners or have desires to be. I like to think of the Box ‘N Burn Academy as a complete boxing fitness education service, that provides continued support and career growth in a rapidly evolving industry.

The main motivation for writing this is article is to highlight the benefits of including any education program into your schedule as a fitness business owner or an independent fitness professional. I also want to highlight in depth the ‘new era’ of personal training and how simply knowing ‘how to train’ is definitely not enough any more.

Value: this is what Tony Jeffries and myself (Glenn Holmes) are constantly trying to add to our menu. If you take one of our courses as a personal trainer, then not only do we want to teach you how to hold the mitts correctly & teach the basics of boxing correctly, we believe that is only half the picture. So what else completes the picture?

More than knowledge; if you are fitness professional, it is simply not enough to have great knowledge. Teaching / coaching / mentoring / inspiring / changing lives through that great knowledge are a all a completely different skill set, and our goal is to teach exactly that and create more mentors by helping build the non hands-on skills also necessary to grow in the industry. We do not just want to create good boxing fitness coaches who simply know how to coach the basics, we want to create industry leaders who make an impact everywhere. Our focus is to offer practical examples of how your personality, your words, your body language, your mindset, your attitude all affect not only your client retention & success rate but your longevity in this industry. I could be the greatest boxer in the world with a resume second to none, but if I have zero emotional intelligence, poor coaching skills, the lack of ability to communicate effectively, or understand what someone is feeling when they work with me for the 1st time, then I have no chance of success.

More than knowledge; if you are fitness professional, the ability to write about your craft, talk about your craft, demonstrate your knowledge on camera, create & edit effective content that captures imagination & inspires others, is also a totally different set of skills!

Required skills of a personal trainer in 2020:

  • Goal setting

  • Effective communication of: your knowledge, your passion, your ideas

  • Tech skills: content creation, navigate social media effectively

  • Marketing: building brand, create an audience, engage with & built it effectively

  • Fitness / training knowledge

Are you a personal trainer who is 2-3 years into your work, still developing your clientele? Your priority should be to learn how to create & build an email list, engaging effectively on social media to build & grow your audience, write effective copy, write blogs, talk on camera, create original content and use it effectively, these are all crucial parts of the modern day coach, especially the type of coach who wants to be a leader in the industry, and go above and beyond to help those everywhere and not just inside their own gym.

So how do we offer all this with the Box ‘N Burn Academy?

A huge portion of our hands-on courses we talk about effective coaching, for example using positive reinforcement, how to be constantly ‘switched on’ to what your clients & members are thinking, feeling, and being able to deliver what they want. A huge part of the success of the Box ‘N Burn gyms and I like to think the reason I have a family-like clientele is because over the last few years of working with thousands of people in this industry, I have developed the skill of ‘emotional intelligence’ and really being able to pinpoint what different personalities, backgrounds, etc. all want and to allow them to enjoy the process. These are the qualities we focus on in our certification courses that we guarantee will give you an inspired perspective of how to do things when you get back to your gym.

Once the hands-on training & education is done: as a ‘certified boxing fitness trainer’, this is where we pride ourselves on delivering the very best post-course support and personalized value for you to start your journey. This is something we work on day in, day out, and love the process of implementing ideas to make the experience better and better.

You are provided with exclusive access to a huge video library over 100 HD educational videos that recap, refresh the curriculum for the certification courses to help you stay on top of your education learned from the certification.

Tony Jeffries and Glenn Holmes’s keynote / lecture portions of the courses are included in your website account as pdf documents with voice over lectures.

Brand building, social media growth strategy, content creation best practices, coaching skills, leveraging your network effectively, adding value to your services, consistently delivering maximum customer service, etc. are all covered, the very same values & strategies that have made Box ‘N Burn the leading boxing fitness gym in the world.

You will have exclusive access to our webinar series that cover all areas of the fitness industry, tech, marketing, social media etc. These webinars are an outlet for us to share our passion, ideas, knowledge & experience with you and also get feedback from everyone involved on what is working for them, not working, issues, problems, technical questions etc. and offer a valuable forum for everyone involved.

Marketing materials… we provide you with folders of downloadable creative graphics that are customized to your niche to you help promote your business and boxing fitness services. Each folder is categorized to fit your niche and give you plenty of digital content to begin spreading the word while helping you practice your social media strategy. In the curriculum we discuss the importance of effective content creation and how to use it, so with your Box ‘N Burn Academy trainer account, we have given you a starting block with plenty of customized marketing materials to kick things off.

You receive a week-long marketing package guide created by Tony Jeffries & myself (Glenn Holmes) full of practical step-by-step action items to actively generate interest, and spread the word about what can offer as a certified boxing fitness trainer. This guide gives you a structured plan of ‘how-to’ set up email lists, build & create an audience, create write & share blog content, how and when to publish your content on social media and then repeat these actions to continue to build exposure for your brand.

So you can see the picture… As I highlighted in the opening few paragraphs, we have built an entire portal of tools for you to build the necessary skills to grow in the industry, a portal that we love building on and updating constantly to keep delivering the value you require.

A huge part of the success of our live courses has been our partners, fellow gyms owners, fitness business owners, etc. who have seen the value a Box ‘N Burn Academy course can offer and have given us the opportunity to showcase the certification over an entire weekend at their facility.

Our mindset as gym owners is always: how do you continually add value to your gym or facility for your staff, members, and potential staff and members? It comes down to having things that build your community and grow the skills of your team by hosting things like; certification courses, education seminars, charity events, specialty fitness classes

The same principles of maximum customer service, value & career-boosting content that I outlined above for all our students, also apply to everyone we partner with when creating a Box ‘N Burn Academy weekend of boxing fitness education.

We strive to offer maximum value to your business by offering the necessary tools and support to ensure maximum exposure for your facility. We personally work with gym owners that wish to host our course, we work with you throughout the whole preparation process right through til the weeks after the course. We view this is a privilege for us to be able to travel to a facility and do what we love.

What does this mean?

From the minute a gym decides to host the Box ‘N Burn Academy & confirms a course date, we begin by creating digital marketing graphics, providing you with a digital marketing package, with full FAQ’s on hosting a course, what to expect, full information on our commissions set up that allows gyms and it’s staff to generate revenue from hosting a Box ‘N Burn Academy, the benefits of having the course on the calendar, plus a full marketing guide (w/ customized graphics designed by the Box ‘N Burn Academy team) of how to effectively promote the course.

So, as I have mentioned previously in this blog Tony Jeffries and myself (Glenn Holmes) are constantly trying to add to our menu of services for everyone involved with the main goal to provide inspiration & value when working in w/ the Box ‘N Burn Academy in any capacity. The very principles we lecture & educate on in our curriculum are executed in our own business practices for every single hands-on course we do. Creating, confirming, marketing & promoting, executing & post-course care is a all a long, detailed process but a process that we love & thrive on.

We want everyone we work with to a) enjoy the process, b) gain huge value from committing to either hosting & taking part in the certification and c) attract more eyeballs to them as individuals, their fitness businesses, and help provide inspiration and practical guidance to continue to thrive in a rapidly evolving fitness industry where boxing fitness is now leading the way.

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