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  • Glenn Holmes

Blog: Sport Specific Training For General Population

Sports specific training is designed to develop fitness level for the purpose of improving your ability to perform a certain sport. You’d maybe assume this is only applicable to college-level and professional athletes, but I like to adopt this approach to the ever day coaching of general population too. In other words, why we as coaches should be adopting a sports performance mentality.

Sports Specific Training is NOT: * mimicking a sport's movement w/ weight * adding sports equipment / implements to exercises & movements Sports Specific Training IS: * energy system development * movement patterns * specific strength * assessment of common injuries * mindset, individual requirements For example: Strength & conditioning specifically for boxing… Simply mimicking punching / boxing movements in the weight room + throwing some roadwork into the mix and then hoping that some of it translates, is often not enough. One size doesn’t fit all. 1️⃣ Energy System Development: e.g, high intensity / anaerobic training based on required duration & rest periods. 2️⃣ Specific Strength: Focus on types of strength required for a fight: explosive, high volume, repetitive movements delivered w/ maximal force. Prioritizing strength endurance to maintain high power output over a sustained period of time. 3️⃣ Common Injuries: hands, elbows, shoulder issues, joint and tendon issues etc, focus on strengthening & mobilizing these areas for durability & optimal performance. 4️⃣ Mindset, Individual Requirements: is the athlete new to the sport or a seasoned veteran? age, genetics, previous injuries, mindset / attitude, body type, what motivates / demotivates them? etc. all factors when programming. E.g. Would running be a good option for an athlete who has issues w/ repetitive force impact of running or struggles to be motivated to run at all. Professional Athletes v General Population Motivation: plays a major role in the amount of intensity delivered. For a professional athlete there are big games, coaches, media coverage, financial incentives etc. to boost motivation, whereas with general population, the majority of the motivation may have to come from within. So with improved physical and mental performance through regular sports specific style training sessions, a person will likely gain increased confidence as they will be stronger, more capable, productive and generally healthier in their daily life. Think carefully about what you are actually training your clients for, and program accordingly. It's about preparing the mind & body to perform the specific movements of a given sport or life goal with maximum effect. Creating and setting regular customized goals, acquiring results & executing a plan of action, is key to building a successful, long-term, trust-worthy relationship. More to come on this side of things in my next blog…

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