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  • Glenn Holmes

Podcast: Box 'N Life Episode 62: Mayweather v McGregor

The latest episode of the Box 'N Life podcast. Episode 62 was broadcast live on Facebook from the bluffs in Santa Monica, CA.

In this episode we discuss the upcoming mega fight between Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor. We breakdown the recent world press tour, go into detail about game plans & strategies for the fight, the money involved, does Conor McGregor really have a chance? can he box? and also take questions from listeners live on Facebook.

You can download the podcast on iTunes here:

Had a great time doing our first ever live Box 'N Life podcast and expect do more live episodes soon.

My post-podcast thoughts...

As a boxing man, I think Conor has almost no chance of even being competitive in this fight, let a lone winning it. With that said, I will concede my knowledge of MMA is slim - none, and my knowledge of Conor's boxing ability is the same, despite seeing him spar in my own place of work: Box 'N Burn. I don't look too much into that spar at our gym with Chris Van Heerden, it's pretty much impossible to take anything re: Conor's ability from this, but it's also all we really have to go off, and going off that alone, there is no chance he will be competitive vs probably / arguably the best boxer of all time. There is certainly no questioning Conor's heart, toughness or mindset, one of the most mentally strong people I've ever seen, he's clearly at the top in those areas and I love watching him, I just think it will come down to a lack of boxing experience and a lack of required skill at the level he's going in at.

In the fight, I expect Conor to be awkward, unorthodox in his style, game as it gets and much improved from that spar but still nowhere near the level or experience required to even trouble Floyd, a true master of the sport, who has been caught clean maybe 3 or 4 times in 49 fights / 20+ years?! I keep saying it in the gym and in conversations daily, but it's about levels and experience, granted, Conor is at the very top in MMA, but this is not MMA, it's boxing. To give some perspective (which seems to be overlooked) ... if you look at Floyd's career and his top opponents, he's fought legends, elite level fighters, hall of famers, the very best the sport has to offer who had all been boxing since they were kids, huge talents with years and years of experience at the top level of the sport: De la Hoya, Canelo, Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao, Ricky Hatton, etc. etc. and Floyd handled them all with pure skill, making them all look fairly average in the process. I truly think most people underestimate Floyd's unbelievable talents, the guy is on his own level.

With that said, despite the circus-like nature of the press tour, I'm excited for fight night, and will enjoy the debates & opinions during the build up, and of course enjoy the shit out of the biggest fighting event ever, it's exciting no matter what, because we are witnessing history in the fight game, so absolute fair play to both fighters for making this happen and they deserve everything they get in my opinion. I'm a bit disappointed at the timing, as a real mega fight (Canelo v GGG) which will be an epic scrap between two of the best, has been unfortunately cast to the side (for now), hopefully post August 26th, the hype this fight deserves will kick in, and as pure boxing fans we can look forward to another huge event, and I'm sure this one will definitely not disappoint as you have two absolute warriors, full of skill and explosive power who also come to fight. Stylistically it's a dream, a true 50-50 fight, can't wait! So hard to pick a winner / outcome.

What a couple of months we have as combat sports / boxing fans, enjoy it all people, and give these guys the respect they deserve for putting their careers and lives on the line for our entertainment.

Game on...

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