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  • Glenn Holmes

Video: All In A Days Work w/ Brendan Schaub

V excited to be involved with this. 1st of a new weekly workout series of vids w/ Brendan Schaub for The Fighter & The Kid. Follow The Fighter & The Kid YouTube channel for a new vid w/ Brendan & myself every week, then go & try the workouts!

Video #1

- x5 mins jump rope

- plyometric & medicine ball warm up

- 6x3min rounds of boxing (mittwork)

- metabolic circuit x3:

45s kettlebell swing w/ hold

1min onnit battle ropes: transversal upward chop (30s ea side)

45s cone to cone agility mirror

- floor work: x3

10 med ball press w/ hold

10 med ball seated twist & throw (10ea side)

10 seated chest pass / w shoulder press

- cool down & stretch

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