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  • Glenn Holmes

5. Qualities of an Elite Trainer & Why It's Important to Hire One

Regardless of athletic ability, fitness, strength level, training experience, there are plenty of reasons to hire a personal trainer. Whatever your goals; improving your existing level of performance, beginning a training program, longevity, increased strength, speed, power, aerobic fitness etc. then your training must be performed correctly to not only lower injury risk, but to maximize the benefits of your training. Every elite athlete in the world has had a trainer at some point and probably for most of their career, why would it be different at any other level, whether training for sport or just life in general?

It can be easy to have a mindset "I know what I'm doing, I look good, I don't need a trainer" and if you're happy training alone and you're seeing results, that's fine, but he benefits of having a regular personal trainer, (whether for every session, or just combined with your own solo / group training) can provide plus the qualities an elite trainer should posses that I have focused on in this blog, may not have come to mind before.

An elite trainer will not only assist you on your fitness journey but should assist you in life, help you learn, discover and try new things to help you maximize your human potential.

A short side note for fitness professionals: as a fitness professional you probably know how to train yourself correctly, push yourself regularly and train effectively, but do you value your profession enough to hire a personal trainer for yourself too? As a fitness professional you're saying "people need trainers" so I'd advise adhering to your own principles, and using a trainer to provide the additional benefits for yourself that you are used to providing for others. It also provides an opportunity to learn new things, new methods, analyze & experience different styles and approaches to training, which will eventually filter back to your own quality of work.

Role Models

Trainers don’t only serve as a coach, but should be an educator, a wellness role model and a source of inspiration. E.g psychological coaching, diet & nutrition, wellness advice, etc.


Your trainer should help you stay motivated to remain fully on the fitness plan, keep you focused on the goals and help prevent you from making excuses for not showing up & training. An elite trainer will communicate effectively, encourage, motivate and inspire you to perform at 100%, 100% of the time. Constant positive feedback on your training can also help increase confidence, productivity and well being.


A qualified trainer should always be focused on orm, coaching correct form & technique with safe, practical and effective use of workout equipment. The goal should be to progress you gradually / safely, and effectively with the ability to work around any injuries, disabilities, etc.


Trainer can modify and customize exercise routines / training plans based on your selective sport, lifestyle or goals, such as; increased sports performance, increased energy for your day job, weight loss or simply training your body for daily life tasks.

Lead by Example

An elite trainer should be a fit person, who's passion is to lead a healthy lifestyle and lead by example. The only way to do quality work is to love what you do, and if your trainer is not 100% in their profession, then you shouldn't expect 100% value.

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