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  • Glenn Holmes

Video: Brendan Schaub Training Session w/ Glenn Holmes At Box 'N Burn

Another top week of training sessions w/ Brendan Schaub at Box 'N Burn, Santa Monica.

Plenty of explosive mitt work, always working on hand speed, you won’t see many heavyweights w/ hands this fast. Lots of movement, power punching combined with explosive strength & conditioning drills and high intensity training methods to keep him sharp, explosive, lean & in top shape.

I've worked w/ Brendan for almost 3 years now, being involved w/ his conditioning for his last 3 UFC fights / training camps and I’m fortunate to be able to work with him. It’s a privilege to work with a close friend who’s such a talented athlete / fighter / entertainer and all round beast who gives 100%.

Our training schedule is constantly challenging & inspiring me as a trainer to stay ahead and make sure his sessions are second to none, I’m humbled he chooses me as his trainer.

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