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  • Glenn Holmes

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

What are your thoughts on this ‘fight’ ? 👇🏻

Few things here…. let’s get the obvious things out the way first….

Anyone complaining about how Logan Paul doesn’t deserve it or shouldn’t be anywhere near this, well yes obviously, I think it’s pretty obvious he’s only got the fight due to his YouTube celebrity status and the brand he’s built for himself, not on his boxing ability or boxing career. Now in terms of what he’s done for himself, I have nothing but respect for that, he’s built an empire from nothing, earned a ton of money and created an amazing life for himself. Like or not, he got off his ass and made a name for himself, and that has to be commended whether it’s your taste / style or not, he did the work and made something for himself. A ton of boxers could take a page from that book.

Is it a serious fight where there is any element of competition? Clearly no, and I don’t think anyone thinks there is or could even think there is, we all know the pedigree and ability levels of both guys, and clearly there is no discussion of anything remotely competitive here.

Take this for what it is: an exhibition, celebrity boxing match, nothing less, nothing more.

Do celebrity / exhibition matches hurt boxing? No, please do not consider this ‘boxing’ it’s entertainment, and if it attracts an audience to the actual sport of boxing who may not have paid attention otherwise, and if this ppt inspires 2 new people into boxing gyms, or boxing fitness classes to better themselves or get in shape, or pursue a new passion, then result.

As for the money involved, they’ve both earned the right in their own worlds to command this revenue.

Remember before you comment, it’s not boxing it’s not the sport of boxing, it’s ENTERTAINMENT, let me know what you think…..


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