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  • Glenn Holmes

My Mittwork Masterclass

About my Mittwork Masterclass

This comprehensive video library of over 200 videos I put together for you and anyone interested in boxing & fitness at all levels.

Improve your boxing skills & technique, develop creativity & skill with the mitts, get more variety & areas to practice on the heavy bag or in shadowboxing, or with your coach.

You get exclusive access to in-depth instructional video content to improve your knowledge of how boxing combinations work, how they are logically stitched together and how to execute them with either the mitts or the gloves on!

Adding this library to your arsenal will also give you access to the Mittwork Masterclass Facebook Group for continued support & access to other top coaches who have used the library.

Inside The Program...

Once you have access, the videos are structured week by week (mon-fri), and the combinations follow a theme, for example: the first month will give you combinations off the jab, off the 1,2, and longer combinations for defense with the roll & the slip.

Throughout the library you will also receive combinations with catches / blocks, longer combinations for endurance, speed & power + combinations structured by number of punches (3,4,5 punches), cycle combinations for endless mittwork flows that when mastered not only look great on Instagram, but develop skill rapidly for both boxer & coach!

The library is structured to become more advanced through the weeks for you to progress either with the structure i have laid out for you, or you can simply pick and choose as you see fit.

Each video is broken down to an easy to follow pace with coach's view too, so you can easily grasp the combinations, and then apply them to your boxing fitness sessions & training.

Additional Videos:

  • Mittwork Technique: how to correctly hold mitts for maximum effect, improve your boxer's technique & reduce injury risk

  • Injury prevention & physical maintenance tips for coaches

  • Coaching mindset: how to retain clients & have success with every session

As a boxing fitness coach it will also develop your skill set as a mitt holder, leading to better sessions with your clients, boxers, friends & family, drastically increasing your value as a coach.

My years of experience in boxing fitness, has had me catching literally millions of punches and using thousands of boxing combinations, with thousands of people all at different ability & fitness levels.

I have neatly packaged up an easy to follow, comprehensive video library for you to use for years with your boxers, clients, friends, family or by yourself with weekly themes of combinations.

I would love to hear your feedback & how it has helped you.

Message me here w/ any questions.

Here's the page to get access:

Thank you!


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