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  • Glenn Holmes

Video: Boxing Mittwork w/ Glenn Holmes | Building Counter Combinations

🥊 MITT WORK: here’s a few counter punching combination options that I use after the boxer has defended the left hook to the body… — 1️⃣ x2 punches: left hook, RIGHT HAND — 2️⃣ x3 punches: back uppercut, left hook, RIGHT HAND — 3️⃣ x4 punches: back uppercut, left hook, right hand, LEFT HOOK — 4️⃣ x5 punches: back uppercut, right hand, double left hook, RIGHT HAND — 📓: as the number of counter punches builds, the more unrealistic to a fight scenario it can get. However for boxing fitness, developing timing, hand speed, reflexes and overall boxing skill, these more complex patterns are great. — My personal favorite here is the first one: 2 counter punches leading with the hook, it’s simple, realistic & is perfect for reactive power.

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