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  • Glenn Holmes

Video: Glenn Holmes | Boxing & Mitt work

Glenn Holmes: Boxing, Performance Coach | Co-Owner Box 'N Burn Academy ...

"🥊 Chemistry: effective boxing mitt work takes time, practice, an understanding of boxing fundamentals, skill, creativity and above all a chemistry with your boxers / clients.

Developing a chemistry of rhythm & timing is crucial to your development as a trainer, and the better your boxer becomes, the better your mittwork will be, and vice versa.

I’ve worked w/ Amanda here for a couple of years, and I’m fortunate that she has a high training age, a ton of natural ability & athleticism, so this makes developing her boxing skills a lot of fun as I can work with her on advanced techniques, push my creativity with combinations & movements and rely on her ability to execute them effectively.

This video highlights a typical mitt work session where we can focus on fight specific techniques like feinting, pinning, body shots, pivots, angles, etc."

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