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  • Glenn Holmes

Box 'N Burn Academy: Level 1 Online Course

Educating coaches on effective hand wrapping techniques at LV 1 Box 'N Burn Academy course in Santa Monica, CA.

Box 'N Burn Academy Online Certification

The Box ‘N Burn Academy Level 1 certification course is now available to take online: you can now register here:

Learn the fundamentals & learn how to effectively teach them all in your own time, from anywhere in the world..

In the Level 1 certification, we go in depth on how to safely and effectively wrap hands for boxing sessions...

Hands should ALWAYS be wrapped for a boxing session, due to the repeated impact on the bones, tissues, tendons, joints, ligaments etc. in the hands, wrists and forearms with every punch, its crucial to protect and align them by wrapping well before every training session.

A perfect wrap should feel snug and tight without applying too much pressure to where it compromises the blood flow to the hands and fingers, while the wrap should never be loose or creased to where it slides with inadequate compression / support.

The ideal length of training wraps is 180", and semi-elastic wraps tend to provide the best feel.

There are several ways and techniques to wrap hands, and certain preferences that boxers will have, but at the Box N Burn Academy we teach you how to wrap your clients correctly, effectively and efficiently. Our video library includes a full breakdown and tutorial of to how to wrap step by step. for more info


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