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  • Glenn Holmes

The Heavy Bag

The Heavy Bag: I 🖤 hitting the bag, I can zone out, get creative, get into a rhythm, forget the world & really get into a great mindset. 20-30 mins just in the zone, concentrating & pushing myself while working on a few things: timing, technique, power, rhythm, footwork, movements, speed, inside / outside, creative combinations, etc etc. I get the same feeling & benefits as I do from running, the two feel very similar to me. Just great outlets physically, with huge mental benefits too. I feel amazing afterwards. _ In the Level 1 Box ’N Burn Academy Certification, we educate on how to utilize the heavy bag from a coaching standpoint for boxing technique and for HIIT (high intensity interval training) _ When using & punching the heavy bag for HIIT – remember safety is always priority. It’s important your boxer has developed correct punching fundamentals before hitting a heavy bag at an explosive, powerful, high work rate. Probably the most important thing to remember when punching a heavy bag is to keep a strong, tight fist on impact. An open or loose fist will almost certainly cause an injury to the wrist. _ Msg me for bag drills, workouts, questions etc.

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