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  • Glenn Holmes

Fight Week: GGG vs Canelo

This week I was on Brendan Schaub’s podcast, The Big Brown Breakdown discussing this weekend’s PPV fight between Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. For the full fight breakdown check out the podcast here: iTunes: YouTube:

My Take...

Now the weeks of drama and magnitude of the Mayweather McGregor fight is done, we as fight fans have another treat in store this Sat, Sept 16th, as the best two middleweights of recent times will finally fight! I actually think the magnitude of the Mayweather / McGregor fight has eventually helped get even more eyeballs to this fight & the sport in general. As much fun and entertainment is provided with the trash talking, mega-rivalry fights that get so huge they cross over into mainstream, this fight is just as exciting but on the complete opposite end of the spectrum to what we had w/ Mayweather v McGregor. it’s a pure fight fan’s fight. 50 / 50 As a massive boxing fan, this is one of the most exciting pure boxing match ups we’ll see for a while, a genuine 50/50 fight between two hard hitting, highly skilled, highly durable boxers who love to fight. This is the best v the best in a fight of skill & KO power vs skill & KO power, with upmost respect between the two, a great advert for the sport of boxing. GGG I’ve picked GGG in this fight as it’s been discussed over the last few months, but more recently have gone back & forth on who will win, it’s such a tough fight to call, but with the fight almost here, I still think GGG’s amateur experience, freakish power and dominant, smart pressure style will prevail. His movement / footwork is superior to Canelo, as is his power, and on these two factors I have GGG winning most likely via late stoppage, as many have made the point GGG will struggle to get a points decision in a Vegas fight where Canelo is by far the more marketable star. Canelo does tend to take moments & even rounds off during fights, if he does this, it will cost him big time. GGG is relentless and will def be looking to capitalize on this as the fight goes on. Canelo Canelo is bigger than he’s been in his career so far, so if there’s a time for him to take this fight, it’s now, the size difference won’t be a factor, I expect Canelo to come in probably heavier than GGG! He is the faster, more explosive guy, his variety of shots is better and he definitely has the skills and power to trouble GGG, use his amazing counter-punching ability and combinations to win a decision, whether he has significant power to drop or stop GGG is in question. Canelo is an amazingly powerful counter-puncher that has success with fighters who come towards him, so GGG’s come-fwd, aggressive style is perfect for Canelo’s style. It seems like Canelo is really confident he can get it done at this stage of his career. As Kel Brook showed, GGG when is definitely there to be hit, and with Canelo’s variety of shots & combinations to body & head, if Canelo can stay switched on, box, get his combinations off consistently and remain explosive for the 12 rounds, then he can definitely out-point GGG and possibly even hurt him, if anyone has the power & variety of punches to hurt / stop GGG…it’s Canelo. See the pattern here? I’m going back & forth for both fighters! So hard to call. I think the deciding factor will be how well Canelo is able to absorb GGG’s freakish punch power when he does get caught, and over 12 rounds it could be too much. It has the makings of an all time classic when both fighter exchange and really open up. What a fight we have coming, can’t wait…

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