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  • Glenn Holmes

5 Reasons Fitness Professionals Should Hire Personal Trainers

Are you a personal trainer? If so, do you hire a personal trainer for yourself?

This is something we go in depth into at each Box 'N Burn Academy certification course.

I think as a trainer it's very important to stay on top of your own training & education but also to hire a trainer too. Several reasons for this:

Validates that you value your profession

Creates the experience of how training should feel, which allows you to relate effectively to your own clients' experiences

Takes you out of your comfort zone, which improves your own performance & results, setting a prime example for your own & prospective clients

Maintains creativity, keeps your ideas and thoughts towards training fresh, allowing you to program workouts with a more creative & inspired mindset

Educational, you should learn from your trainer, coaching styles & techniques, mechanics, etc.

Allows you to think about how you may do something differently or how you could expand and modify certain aspects of your own training with others.

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