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  • Glenn Holmes

Video: Speed, Agility, Quickness

Track training session w/ Box 'N Burn Performance Director Stephen Cain after a day in the gym, working here on speed, agility & quickness: short sprints (25yrds) followed by longer sprints (400m), agility ladder drills, resisted & body weight lateral bounds, mirror drills, "T- runs" and more.

Speed, agility and quickness programs are usually based on several factors but should be specific to sport or training requirements, some factors to consider when programming for speed:

* Distances * Work : rest ratios (1:2 to 1:4, heart rate, etc)

* Total training time for event duration

* Intensity (sprints to jogs)

* Agility factors (specific direction changes, body positioning, surfaces),

* Cues (visual, auditory, time)

* Athletes strengths & weaknesses

* Test periodically for agility, acceleration, deceleration, speed, and speed endurance

* Recovery schedule * Training & athlete goals ________

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