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  • Glenn Holmes

Box 'N Burn OG's at LA Fit Expo

Great X w/ these two & the whole Box 'N Burn crew a couple weeks ago downtown LA at the LA Fit Expo. The whole weekend I was proud to be there sharing what we have built over the last 5 years with thousands of people, it really felt like all our hard work and passion is paying off. Boxing mittwork, group classes, boxing fitness education (Box 'N Burn Academy), high intensity interval training and everything we had on display was fresh and exciting to the people who stopped by. It was humbling to share everything about Box 'N Burn like teach the basics to people who had never boxed and see how quickly they absorbed and enjoyed it, we have truly developed a unique product and system at Box 'N Burn that works for anyone interested in training!


"working" with my best friends: boxing, training, teaching, laughing all wkend isn't work, it's my passion, it's fun, i love it and it fulfills me. In this pic you see the 3 people who were at the gym with owners Tony & Kevan from the beginning, believed in what we had and grafted every hour of the day to help make it work and still continue to do so and will never stop because there is no end goal when you love what you do. So many good memories, stories and just getting started.


Bit of advice from my experience doing this:

Never stop learning, put everything you've got into whatever you love doing, believe in it, be humble, be confident and it will pay off.

Hard Work Beats Talent...

When Talent Doesn't Work Hard

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