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  • Glenn Holmes

Running: Nike + Run Club App w/ Apple Watch

Just completed an epic (moon view, cold pacific ocean air, quiet roads, etc.) 4 mile run by the beach here in Los Angeles. I was struggling to complete a whole day resting, I wasn't being productive, so I got out there tonight and ran hard, now I feel a million times better, and ready to attack the week.

This was my 1st run using Nike Running's "Nike + Run Club" app w/ Apple watch. As a former competitive distance runner, I've always used Garmin / Garmin Connect to track & plan my running, but this is a much simpler, quicker, convenient and far more creative app for where I'm at with my running. If you need more than just ave pace, distance & heart rate, then stick to Garmin, but if this is all you need to track your output, I well recommend Nike + Run Club w/ Apple Watch, and the creative, social share element gives an incentive to get out there and put the miles in. It won't display avg pace while you run, just distance & time, but it will notify you on the mile of your avg pace, which is good enough for me these days. Never thought I'd use anything other than Garmin, but Apple & Nike together have won me over, good stuff 👏🏻 . As a disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Nike or Apple.

For more information on the Nike + Run Club app:

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