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  • Glenn Holmes

Boxing Training w/ Foo Fighters Guitarist Chris Shiflett

Always good times training Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett at Box 'N Burn, Santa Monica, CA • I have been workin' w/ Chris for a couple years now and I love his passion for boxing & his drive to be better, fitter, stronger, always gives 💯 & trains til he drops, as you can see! _____________ This session:

x5mins jump rope dynamic warm up 3x2min rounds mitt work 6x2min rounds shoulder / body sparring strength & conditioning | speed & agility development: kettlebell squat press x30s kettlebell swings x30s mball jump slam w/ reaction side shuffles 30s core: weighted floor work w/ olympic plate x5 mins cool down & stretches _____________ I find this to be a general trend: those who have successful careers & lives outside the gym, have a strong work ethic & big ambition, they usually are the ones who work the hardest in the gym and give everything in training.

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