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  • Glenn Holmes

Video: All In Days Work w/ Brendan Schaub #3

Episode 3:

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This week we took the workout to Santa Monica beach for some explosive work, here's the entire workout, get to the beach and try it and then repeat in the gym to compare results / difference...


Warm up: x10 mins steady pace sand run & plyometrics Boxing (mittwork): x10mins w/ no rest Explosive Speed & Power work: Explosive Power: x2 sets: x10 knees to standing jump w/ 10lb med ball jump slam (30s rest between sets) Speed | Agility: x4 sets: max effort tuck jump to timed 15 yard cone sprint test w/ change of direction (20s rest between sets, aim for 3-5s sprints) Circuit: x3 sets 16kg kettlebell snatch x10 (left) 30s battle ropes: alt wave 16kg kettlebell snatch x10 (right) 30s battle ropes: dbl wave Onnit steel mace offset push ups x10ea side Floor work: x3 sets 12lb medicine ball plank roll out x10 opposite elbow to knee climber x10 cool down & stretch


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