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  • Glenn Holmes

Sand Training

Sand Training: Enjoyed getting to Santa Monica beach to train Brendan Schaub this week for The Fighter & The Kid YouTube channel. __________ I love doing speed training and explosive work in the sand because of the low impact on the joints, the additional balance, coordination and stability required w/ a non-even surface like sand + the added test of your stamina & endurance levels having to constantly operate at a higher heart rate than on a hard surface. It's a great addition to the gym, adds variety to your training, especially if you're dealing with lower body joint & tendon issues or impact training. _____________ This week w/ Brendan, I focused on his endurance, by pushing him to maintain his hand speed & power output with 10mins of high intensity boxing mittwork & movement w/ no rest. Then I added some explosive speed & agility drills to the session, including a 15yrd sprint w/ change of direction @ 5 yards, finished w/ some kettlebell & battle ropes resistance training. ___________ Look for the video next Mon on The Fighter & The Kid YouTube channel.

Here is the entire workout, find some sand and do it, then get it done in the gym to compare results / progress:

__________ Warm up: x10 mins steady pace sand run & plyometrics Boxing (mittwork): x10mins no rest • Explosive Speed & Power work: Explosive Power: x2 sets: x10 knees to standing jump w/ 10lb med ball jump slam (30s rest between sets) • Speed | Agility: x4 sets: max effort tuck jump to timed 15 yard cone sprint test w/ change of direction (20s rest between sets, aim for 3-5s sprints) • Circuit: x3 sets 16kg kettlebell snatch x10 (left) 30s battle ropes: alt wave 16kg kettlebell snatch x10 (right) 30s battle ropes: dbl wave Onnit steel mace offset push ups x10ea side • Floor work: x3 sets 12lb medicine ball plank roll out x10 opposite elbow to knee climber x10 • Cool down & stretch

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