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  • Glenn Holmes

Video: NBA Star Roy Hibbert Training Session w/ Glenn Holmes @ Box 'N Burn, Santa Monica, CA

A great few weeks having the pleasure of training NBA star Roy Hibbert during his off season.

We have spent the summer mostly working on his boxing skills & technique, which has naturally developed his endurance level, readying him for the upcoming NBA pre-season with his new team the Charlotte Hornets.

In addition to his boxing, we've spent every session also focusing on functional training for his upcoming training back in Charlotte: footwork, agility, speed & power output, balance, core & explosive movements. This is all in addition to his daily strength sessions w/ leading strength and conditioning coach Ben Bruno in Beverly Hills, CA.

Drills such as the agility ladder moving his feet as fast as possible, combined w/ reflex and coordination drills using tennis balls, resistance band work to strengthen the hips which play a huge role in basketball specific movements. Plenty of core work using heavy medicine balls, upper body bodyweight work, with a focus on building endurance through full body plyometric sets with the battle ropes.

To be truly effective, and since basketball makes some very specific demands on the body, I felt Roy's training should reflect those demands. The sessions have been hard and very demanding but above all that, a lot of fun, it's been a privilege to be able to work with and help improve an athlete at such an elite level. These types of sessions really inspire me.

Thank you for trusting me Roy, have a great season mate.

Follow Roy on Instagram @royhibbert55

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