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  • Glenn Holmes

Vipr Training w/ Roy Hibbert @ Box 'N Burn, Santa Monica

Good times training 🏀 NBA star Roy Hibbert (@royhibbert55) of Charlotte Hornets during his off season @ Box 'N Burn, Santa Monica. Putting him through challenging sessions using a combo of boxing, circuit training, core work in addition to his strength program to stay sharp & in shape during the NBA off season. Here Roy's using the Vipr to perform 30s intervals of a side shuffle with an explosive upper body rotation every 5yds during a full body metabolic circuit.

- The Vipr is a piece of equipment I took a long time to fully embrace, and this year have found myself using it more & more, it's an amazing tool, here's why... - It functionally trains the body to improve muscular response, increase fat burn & metabolic rate all at the same time. - Increases muscle tone using strength, power & speed by bridging the gap between movement and strength. It’s the programming of a traditional resistance workout put together with the physical agility needed for optimal sports fitness performance. - Vipr is adaptable for everyone, from elite athletes like Roy right through to small kids and general population looking to improve athletic ability. - It provides an effective full-body workout with the bonus of being great for improving balance, coordination and flexibility. - Vipr training encourages aerobic activity with a strength & balance component which will help build lean tissue & maximize caloric output through the combined strength and compound movement training. - Versatility, Vipr allows for really creative movement patterns as it can be lifted, dragged, flipped and thrown, it's multi-directional and is rubber not steel so also great for kids & group training.

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