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Video: Glenn Holmes | Training

A collection of some of my favorite training at the moment:

Plenty of barbell / landmine stuff, to hit the full body w/ a lot of explosive core rotation & shoulder work.

Sled push w/ alt plyo lunges is great for explosive legs & arms while challenging balance, stability and all round athleticism. Always great to throw the TRX strap on the sled too and counter it all with some explosive pulls.

Olympic style barbell work: cleans, dead lifts, high pulls, front squats etc. always sky rocket the heart rate and challenge explosive strength. Battle ropes on the move to add extra cal burn & mental focus compared to standard static battle ropes moves.

Sprawl, push up, dead lift, clean & press all in one move w/ kettle bells, then a split lunge hold into a single arm row, great for balance & pull (back) strength. Box jumps for explosive, powerful legs w/ quick directional changes thrown in for agility, great for boxing / fighting.

Core / floor work: elevated planks & push ups. The Valslides are always good to add some extra stability into the mix. I like mixing explosive upper & lower body moves while in the plank position, again challenging your whole body to work hard.

All great for muscle tone, strength, speed, agility, quickness, muscular endurance & power, perfect for upping your boxing game and all round performance in whatever you're doing no matter what level you're at.

Always remember good form is essential, don't try anything you don't feel you can execute well, unless you have a trainer or experienced eye watching & helping. You must conquer the basics & have good bodyweight control before trying some of this type of training.

Keep training hard. Enjoy...

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