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Corporate & Private Group Training



Is your company promoting a healthy workplace?


Some benefits of corporate wellness programs;


- lower absenteeism

- higher job satisfaction

- work productivity

- higher employee retention
- lower health care costs

- increased staff morale and focus


Corporate group training strengthens an organization’s culture and builds employee pride, trust, and commitment.


A group of fitter, healthier employees = a more productive business.




Private Group Classes For Businesses



My private group training & corporate wellness boxing & fitness classes are led by myself and Box 'N Burn Brentwood head trainer & gym manager Stephen Cain.


Private group training sessions include a unique combination of personalized boxing & fitness training within a group setting, designed to improve:


- fitness level

- endurance

- discipline

- strength

- balance

- agility

- coordination

- confidence

- concentration levels

- stress relief



A private group session for your team will deliver the best boxing & fitness training possible for all levels & abilities to help boost the productivity of your business.


Sessions include:


- technique & basics for beginners

- boxing mittwork

- heavy bag work

- cross training / strength & conditioning

- high intensity cardio

- circuit training

- core work








Why Boxing?


Boxing is physically & mentally challenging and considered the hardest sport of all, it is never easy, it is challenging for life and requires you to push yourself to new limits, providing real physical & mental benefits.

There are no other corporate training programs that can provide the complete benefits of boxing training, taught by the head trainers of CA's #1 gym Box 'N Burn.




For further information or to set up a session, please use the contact page.

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