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  • Glenn Holmes

Video: Track Workout: x1 mile running w/ Tiffany Russo

If you’re looking to improve speed, run a faster mile or training for a better race time, remember the 1st step to improving your speed: STRENGTH, you must build strength if you're serious about your body being able produce adequate force to run powerfully enough to increase your speed, and eventually improve your track & race times. Strength does not mean muscle mass, huge shoulders, calves & thighs and all that (unless that's a look you're aiming for). Strength simply refers to your ability to recruit more muscle fibers to draw upon in times of need (your performance). With Tiffany, we have spent the past few weeks in the gym building her strength levels, with a heavy focus on lower body strength: gradually & safely increasing dead lift & squat loads over a 2-3 month period combined with lots of gluteal activation work, plyometrics & unilateral training. Try this track workout for speed & endurance: Basic Warmup: Light skipping / running: 5 - 10 mins. Dynamic mobility drills: knee, ankle & quad pulls, lunges, butt kicks, hip openers, squats, leg swings, etc. x5 mins Plyometrics x5 mins: agility ladder, running skips, squat jumps, high knees, lateral high knees, crossovers, bounds, etc. Running: Distance: x200 meters (1/2 a lap) or 30-second, max efforts Reps: 8 - 12 Pace: 95 percent of a single max effort. So if your 200-meter max effort is approx. 35 seconds, then the slowest you would drop to here is 37 seconds.) Recovery: Full recovery between reps (3-4 mins), walking or lightly jogging. Aim to cut your recovery time as you progress, eventually at peak performance level you would recover with the distance you run, so a 200m effort = 200m recovery, or a 35s effort = 35s recovery.

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