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  • Glenn Holmes

Extended Video: Speed Agility Quickness Training

Speed, agility, quickness drills & exercises for high performance athletes. These drills are applicable to runners, soccer players, and athletes involved in almost any sport including American football, baseball, rugby, basketball, etc. Box 'N Burn Head Trainers Glenn Holmes & Stephen Cain take you through some of the best speed, agility & quickness drills out there to improve, lower body balance, speed, explosiveness, reaction times, mental performance, deceleration, acceleration, strength & power. Drills in this video include: - Agility ladder drills - Timed 25 meter sprints - 'T-Shape' runs @ 100% effort - 10 yard cone sprints & back pedal - Lateral bounds - In place sprints w/ vocal cued change of direction - Partner mirror drills - 'Suicide' sprints All these drills require an open space workout area and very littel equipment, a set of agility cones, timer, agility ladder and a Vipr (optional). Always begin with a dynamic, full body warm up that includes plyometics to prepare fast twitch muscles. Emphasis must always be on technique & efficiency for maximum power & explosiveness leading to improved speed. For more information on Glenn Holmes, Stephen Cain personal performance training, and Box 'N Burn gyms, visit: Instagram: @glennholmesLA @stephencainPTLA @boxnburn

Glenn Holmes

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